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The Wellness Latina

Jul 23, 2021

"I'm not new to this, I'm true to this!" In this episode, Izzy tells you about the 90 day rule when it comes to dating and why she is applying this principle.

You'll also learn why her values play a huge role in this decision and how sexual trauma contributed to this belief system. "I'm careful of what foods I put into...

Jul 16, 2021

This week, Izzy only has 1 segment for you guys! She tells you about Wellness Bae Radio, what the plans are for the network, and why you should be excited! Tune in for the details! =)  

Jul 9, 2021

"Friendships come and go but siblings are forever!" In this episode, Izzy tells you how sibling support is linked to emotional wellness.  

She also tells you how you can use emotional intelligence to regulate your emotions and be mindful of other people's emotions.

"Where do you stand with your own siblings?" "How does...

Jul 2, 2021

"Bitch, I'm triggered!" In this episode, Izzy tells you how environmental stress leads to environmental depression. She explains the difference between the two and how you can cope with your own environmental stress.

She also tells you what triggered her latest meltdown and why her therapist is worried AF. Tune in for...

Jun 25, 2021

"Does volunteering make you happy or do happy people volunteer?" This week, Izzy breaks down the difference between volunteerism and philanthropy. You'll hear about her experiences with the two and how both can boost your mental health and social skills.

You'll also find out what she's planning on doing after...